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The S R Nathan School of Human Development (NSHD) is a multi-disciplinary school dedicated to the applied study of inherent human potential across a broad spectrum of social disciplines. The School's teaching and research encompass the range of factors influencing the abilities of the individual, the family and the community. With programmes from Early Childhood Education to Gerontology, our interests cover humanity's socio-cultural growth throughout a lifespan. Our work has the advancement of service at its heart, and this is especially manifested in such disciplines as Social Work and Counselling. Other programmes, such as Education, Human Resource Management, and Community Leadership recognise the dynamic relationship between the individual and the community as one that is transformative, and always with the extension of well-being as an imperative.

The School's vision of "Transforming Lives, Serving Society" is a tribute to the legacy of late-President S.R. Nathan. His contribution to Singapore's Social Service sector, the Labour Movement, as well as other nurturing professions, continues to inspire our dedication.

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The School of Business (SBIZ) offers various programmes designed to prepare managers and strategic thinkers for our highly competitive business world. Our curricula are designed to fit the needs of our students, incorporating real-life experiences and knowledge by bringing the business world into the classroom and the students into the business world. As our student, you will obtain new knowledge and pick up new skills, gain deeper insights into the processes in the business world, make new friends and form new bonds. Most importantly, you will develop to become graduates who are analytical, articulate and effective decision makers, ready to face new challenges in the ever-changing business world.

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The School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences (SHBS) offers a diverse range of programmes that will deepen students' understanding and appreciation of languages and literature, behavioural sciences, and translation. Our programmes develop practical, professional skills and specialised knowledge to help graduates achieve their goals.

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BA English Language and Literature HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

BA Malay Language and Literature HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

BA Sociology HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

School Information

The School of Law (SLAW) focuses on the training and development of high calibre lawyers specialising in the highly demanded areas of criminal law and family law. Our programmes adopt a pedagogical approach that emphasises problem-solving by combining the learning of substantive law with application. Together with exposure to cross-disciplinary areas, our graduates will be prepared to face criminal and family legal work that have become increasingly specialised over time.

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The School of Science and Technology (SST) equips students with the ability to harness technology effectively, with a focus on producing professionals who experiment with emerging technologies to discover disruptive solutions that will advance society. From IT and electronics to life sciences and human factors, our programmes provide graduates with the depth of knowledge and breadth of technological know-how to excel in careers that are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through innovative new possibilities.

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Undergraduate Programmes

- Aerospace Systems HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

Biomedical Engineering HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- Building & Project Management HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

Electronics HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- Events Management HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- Facilities Management HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- Human Factor & Workplace Safety HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- ICT HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- Mathematics HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

Graduate Programmes

- Grad Dip Facilities Management HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

- Grad Dip Project Management HoP Briefing Slides (Jan 2023)

CET Course Information

We offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary range of over 200 courses each semester, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. These courses come from our four schools:

  • S R Nathan School of Human Development
  • School of Business
  • School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences
  • School of Science and Technology

This broad range of courses prepares you for the priority and growth sectors in Singapore's economy such as: Accountancy, Advanced Manufacturing, Applied Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Construction, Early Childhood, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, ICT & Media, Logistics and Aerospace, Smart and Sustainable Urban Solutions and Social Services.

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Office of Graduate Studies

The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) oversees the governing policies and facilitates the development of all graduate programmes in the University. In addition, OGS also manages the multidisciplinary Master of Social Sciences programme and the Doctor of Philosophy programme.

Master of Social Sciences

The contemporary world is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) than ever. Many real-world problems require a multidisciplinary approach to address. The Master of Social Sciences (MSSC) programme provides an unique opportunity for interdisciplinary education and career development, allowing individuals to integrate different disciplines in addressing contemporary issues and challenges in their profession, industry or the society-at-large. This programme will be especially suitable for candidates who are entrepreneurial and self-directed, charting a learning journey into the future of work.

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Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme aims to develop practice-oriented thought-leaders and applied researchers for the industry/society. It caters to those who wish to conduct applied research work that addresses issues and challenges pertinent to society, industry or professional practice. While students may choose to specialise in a specific discipline, researches that adopt an interdisciplinary approach are encouraged in view of the complexity of many contemporary issues and challenges.

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Institute for Adult Learning

Since April 2019, IAL has become an autonomous institute of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) to further strengthen the quality of the CET landscape through synergistic collaborations and shared expertise in programme development, research and industry practice. In 2020, IAL launched its first five-year strategic roadmap with the objective of 'Always Advancing' to meet the evolving needs of the dynamic workforce and build a future-ready TAE sector. 

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The College of Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning

The College of Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning (CIEL) has been set up to develop and oversee the delivery of the SUSS Core Curriculum for all programmes in the university. Drawing on the expertise of its multidisciplinary faculty and specialists, CIEL harnesses interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives, and experiential learning to prepare our graduates for complex and dynamic futures, allowing them to embrace volatility and capitalise on disruption so as to contribute to the betterment of the world we live in.

Global Learning

To thrive in a globalised world, you will need effective cross-cultural communication skills, empathy, problem-solving skills, innovation and a balanced understanding of pressing global concerns such as sustainable development. You can acquire these useful skills and attributes by participating in our wide range of Overseas Experiential Learning courses (OEL)/ Interdisciplinary Global Learning courses (NIE301) and programmes, overseas summer and winter school programmes, overseas work experiences, and  global service-learning initiatives!

Language Learner

Sociovation Forum 2022

Office of Global Programmes (OGP)



Community Engagement is conceived as an integral part of SUSS's learning ecology and as a process to empower students to further develop and act on their sense of social responsibility, grounded in real-world ideas and practices to contribute meaningfully to society. You can learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully-organised service experiences that meet actual community needs, coordinated in collaboration between the university and the communities. These include local and global community engagement or service-learning projects, as well as community engaged internships.

OSL Documentary


Office of Service-Learning & Community Engagement (OSL)



"Learning to tackle important questions central to creating a better society starts with asking questions about human values, human development, and human potential."

The SUSS Core is a dedicated cluster of courses grounded in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences that forms the foundational and common experience for all SUSS undergraduates. It focuses on emerging and complex local and global issues, and teaches students to think critically, reflexively, empathetically and creatively to provide personal responses as well as responses as trained professionals based on ideas of human values and human potential.

Besides the SUSS Core, Core Learning also offers various programmes to better enhance our students' English Proficiency. These include the English Proficiency Programme, Speaking Coaches, Writing Coaches and Workshops.


SUSS Core Courses

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English Language Support

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The ePortfolio is an experiential graduation requirement for all full-time SUSS undergraduates. The purpose of the ePortfolio is to showcase a thoughtful selection of reflections, work samples and artefacts that demonstrate significant learning, critical thinking and growth.


The Student SUcceSS Centre

The Student SUcceSS Centre (SSC) is committed to empower students in developing personal and professional potential to achieve success in life. The Centre oversees student programmes and courses which are led by the Career Development Office, Office of Entrepreneurship, and the Office of Student Life.


Student Life & Leadership

Student Wellness, LEAD Academy, Adventure & Outdoor Experiential Learning, Active Citizenship, Competition Groups and Interest Groups offer many opportunities for you to contribute and be actively involved with the SUSS community. These programmes will help you discover your strengths and passions, deepen your knowledge and skills in your interest areas, as well as provide opportunities for you to meet and learn from experienced sector professionals & practitioners.

Sports Competition Groups

Leadership Video

Office of Student Life (OST)


Career Development and Upskilling

To prepare and upskill yourself for the VUCA environment, you can participate in a series of career-readiness seminars, workshops and consultation sessions conducted by the Career Development Office. We also curate Industry-Based Study Programmes to help you acquire work-relevant skills and knowledge. Leveraging on our close partnerships with the industries, coupling with your dedication and desire to be career-ready, CDO will work with you on your journey towards a working professional.

Career Development Office (CDO)
CEL Portal: 



A wide range of programmes and activities from the Entrepreneurship team gives you exposure to entrepreneurship. If you have your own startup, the Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme helps you to develop and scale your business with the help of industry mentors. If you would like to explore entrepreneurship, check out our Impact Startup Challenge where students undergo an intensive bootcamp to test and launch their idea, solving problems in society or for the environment. Our programmes also cater to students exploring the gig economy – the Gig Academy allows students to learn from industry experts like Facebook, Google and TikTok and kickstart or scale your side hustle.

ISC Vietnam

Alibaba Cloud

Entrepreneurship Team